About Us

Language Travel Direct connects schools around the world with language schools offering language travel programmes.

Who is it for?

Language Travel Direct connects schools with language schools offering programmes in 10 different languages in 30 different countries. So, whether you’re looking for a French trip to Paris, a Spanish trip to Madrid or an English trip to London, we can connect you with the top language schools and make sure you get the best possible price!

How does it work?

  1. Schools submit a quote request outlining exactly what sort of trip they are looking for: number of students, number of leaders, where they would like to travel, which language they would like to study etc.
  2. We then automatically distribute this request to language school providers who we believe are a 'match' and could provide a programme for that request
  3. When a language school receives a request, they are invited to submit a quote for that programme request
  4. We then review the quotes and approve them for the school to consider. They are then invited to view the quotes and compare them to decide which programme best suits their group.
  5. Schools can then ask questions about the programmes and proceed to booking.
  6. If the school wants to add flights, visa application support and/or travel insurance to their programme, we will find the best possible options through our regional travel partners to create a complete language travel package.

How much does it cost?

Language Travel Direct is completely free for schools to submit quote requests and then review and book their desired programme.